Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Stella McCartney spring collection 2013

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I have tried and I have not been able to write anything as there was some sort of error. I have finally been able to write without an error accruing so I am going to blog about something I have recently looked upon and loved, Stella McCartney's spring collection 2013. It incorporates floral, blacks and whites, tartan, and some sailer blue features.
One of my favourite outfits in which Stella McCartney has put together is the straight skirt and jumper I love the colours used and the formal, yet slightly casual look to it, the red heels also add a contrast to the baby pink of the jumper and pink floral pattern on the skirt.
The dress on the right is an extension of the floral straight skirt on the left, the material used is beautiful and although rather flashy, the tone of the flowers take the tackiness away from this slightly Chinese looking dress.
Another creative item in the collection is a simple oversized t-shirt, but not in the same material as a usual t- shirt. It is in the material of a sort of thick looking polyester, with the extra length it can be worn as a dress on a night out at an elegant bar or with some black skinny jeans for a day look.
With the left outfit being far from fitted the right outfit is much more body hugging, it has an 80's feel as the trousers are fitted at the top and once they reach the knee they gradually flare out.
 In the recent years women in suits has become very fashionable from the Kardasians to some pop superstars many have jumped on the band wagon and the plain blackness of this suit also adds a classy red carpet look to it.

There are many more beautiful outfits in her collection but these are just a few of my favourites for numerous different reason, hope you enjoy and to find the collection go to

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